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In addition to payroll, our software allows us to provide several ancillary services. We welcome all inquiries, and we are happy to provide you with a free consultation and quote! As always, don't hesitate to reach out at any time during business hours — we look forward to speaking with you!

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save time and money with 401k options from integrity bookkeeping

401(k) & Retirement Options

We’d like to help you find the right retirement plan for your staff. Here are a few resources to get started.

See the great offerings from PAi.

PAi Website

Get CoPilot Prime to help your employees save for retirement.

See Brochure CyberPay_SBO_CoPilot_Prime_for_Plan_Sponsors.pdf

See Flyer CoPilot Plan Sponsors_AS.PDF

Run a firm by yourself? See how PAi can help you.

See Flyer CyberPay_CoPilot_Prime_Solok.pdf

Integrate your 401k benefits with your payroll system.

Benefits Flyer CyberPay_Payroll_Integrated_Benefits_For_Employers.pdf

rapid pay cards through integrity bookkeeping

Pay Cards

Make it easy for your employees to get paid when they’re between banks or don’t have a bank account.

Give your staff easy access to their money on payday.

Paycard FAQs Paycard FAQs.pdf

Quick Reference Guide Paycard Quick_Ref_Guide.pdf

RapidAccess Flyer rapidAccess flyer.pdf

timekeeping services through integrity bookkeeping

Timekeeping & Time Clocks

Eliminate timekeeping errors with online, physical, and bio clock offerings from Swipeclock. Get access to different scheduling options, GPS tracking, mobile functionality, discounted time tracking integration with QuickbooksOnline, and more!

Check out the timeclock options we have available for you.

See Comparison Chart Clock-Comparison-Chart.pdf

Track time on the go with help from Quickbooks Time.

Visit Quickbooks Site

Icon-PAI Retirement Plans_Artboard 2 Ancillary Icons

HR Management Integration

There are plenty of software solutions available to help with your HR Management needs. These help with everything from storing payroll forms, employee paperwork, HR paperwork, etc. to electronic onboarding, applicant tracking, and job posting.

Get new staff members set up easily with no paper clutter.

CyberHire Flyer Cyberhire Onboard Flyer.pdf

Onboarding Flyer Digitize How You Hire.pdf

Get the right fit for your company with help from GetHired.

GetHired Brochure GetHiredBrochure.pdf

See what's benefits are available from BWC.

Employer Information

get your labor law posters through integrity bookkeeping

Labor Law Posters

The law requires conspicuous posting of your state’s Labor Law Posters. We can supply you with Labor Law Posters with e-service updates and a compliance guarantee.

Get labor law posters for your business.

Learn More Integrity Bookkeeping_Payroll and Labor Law Poster Svc.pdf

quickbooks and software offerings by integrity bookkeeping

Software Offerings

We’re glad to supply you with Quickbooks Software Discounts, Quickbooks Merchant Account Rate Discounts, as well as different software to help with your various bookkeeping and payroll needs.

Accounting & Business Application Hosting

Have easy access to your books on Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 Hosting

Don't take our word for it.

What Our Clients Say...

Christian Brown

President, Three-12 Solutions

Kathee and the Integrity Team has provided the expertise to keep our books accurate. We have received the guidance we need to take our business to the next level.  Thanks, Integrity Bookkeeping!

Ann Flora Hurst

Open Arms Counseling

In the last few years my company has gone through a lot of growth and with it a lot of growing pains.  The one thing I have never had to worry about is our payroll.  As we added benefits packages and our bookkeeping became more complicated there was always someone there with solutions that I could understand.  Thank you Integrity for living up to your name and helping my company continue to grow!!

Diane Meadows

Worthington United Methodist Church

Integrity Bookkeeping is true to the definition of Integrity…Honesty, Respect, Trust, Pride, Responsibility, Keeping Promises and Helping Others.

Tom Dolbow

“Kathee has been a great help to my business! With her help, I know that our payroll will be taken care of and completed on time. It’s also very easy to communicate with her. She is very personable and professional. It’s nice to have one less thing to worry about! Thanks Kathee!”

Ron Zerrer and Kenny Kiskis

Classroom Products

Entrusting our books to Integrity was a good, sound, business decision. Since then, we have experienced comfort, trust and dependability. And when things do come up, they ask questions in order to get it right! Almost don’t want to recommend them because we want them all for ourselves!

Judy R. & Mike N.

The Institute for Human Services

Our transition from internal bookkeeping and payroll services to Integrity was virtually seamless because of their expertise and support. They demonstrate high levels of competence, are helping with our conversion to a new bookkeeping software, managed our PPP loan forgiveness, and even discovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax rebates available for us. We are grateful to have Integrity on our team!

John Martin

The Robbins Hunter Museum

Integrity Bookkeeping was instrumental in helping the museum address inconsistent financial record keeping. Kathee worked closely with us and consulted on how best to address open issues. Our financial position is now accurately portrayed and Kathee has worked within our parameters to deliver timely and accurate reports. We could not ask for better financial services.

Sheila Cherry, PhD, ELS

Fresh Eyes Editing, LLC

As a small business owner, Kathee and the Integrity team provide me with peace of mind. They are knowledgeable, equipped, and responsive, ensuring that I have time to focus my energy and effort where it is most needed.

Tom Mitchell

Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce

Integrity Bookkeeping does an outstanding job for us. They are knowledgable, professional and responsive. If you need bookkeeping or payroll services, you should talk to this group.

Give Us a Call:

Give Us a Call:

Integrity Bookkeeping

PO Box 30443
Columbus, OH 43230

Integrity Bookkeeping Columbus

PO Box 30443
Columbus, OH 43230

Integrity Bookkeeping
Medina & Cleveland

303 N Court St #1747
Medina, OH 44258

Integrity Bookkeeping
Medina & Cleveland

303 N Court St #1747
Medina, OH 44258

Integrity Bookkeeping
Stryker & Toledo

Integrity Bookkeeping
Stryker & Toledo

Billing Address:

PO Box 86
Stryker, OH 43557

Billing Address:

PO Box 86
Stryker, OH 43557

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